Friday, 24 January 2014

Excuses, excuses

Crikey - its been alittle too long since I last wrote...

I am full of excuses. 

I'm finding it hard to juggle full time work, four beautiful children and blogging! 

Having said that I see blogging as a helping hand in our change - a diary of our journey and a very public way of keeping us on course - breaking habits is hard! 

So excuses aside I MUST make more time for blogging. It's soooo important that we eat healthy and if I can share our experiences, tips and help others do the same then that's awesome too! 

January is coming to a close - and as far as our £200.00 budget goes I reckon we are pretty much on track . I'm particularly excited by Giz's £29 shop for this week, we have a freezer of healthy cheats so we should make it through easily. 

From next week I'm keeping all receipts - need to get a tighter handle on this! 

I have, today started a good diary. I shocked myself when I saw 10st 12lb on the scales at the weekend and my big rise in weight is a sure sign that I'm not eating very well! 

Overall feeling crap by my January efforts - or lack if! So onwards and upwards with food from Now! 

Oh and I have forgot I owe you a couple of posts - one review of reegans burger and our yummy chilli com carne recipe.... 

I'm on it and will post very, Very soon.

But right now - I'm off for a run whoop! 


  1. Awesome post, blogging should be fun not a job. If you love it, what I do, is usually write all my post on Sunday when everything is calm. I then post throughout the week. With that busy schedule you do have to find time to blog. I usually just take about 45 mins to write a post and no more than that. If you need help with this blog or getting your interaction with more audience, I can help you with that. Awesome post by the way

  2. Hello Sierra, Thank you so much for your great comment! You are absolutely right blogging should be fun and since I have relaxed about it all Im enjoying it lots more. The cooking part is also fun - for all of us, we love it! And getting the children inspired by cooking healthily is fab, ultimately they will grow up with this as a life skill. Thanks for the tip, think I am going to follow your lead and write my posts at the weekend and then post throughout the week. I'm very new to the blogging so yes would love some help!
    We want to inspire others to do the same so if you can help us reach a wider audience would help us do that!