About us 6...

A BIG Hello from us! 

We are a family of 6. 
There is +Giz King, myself and four beautiful children. 

Us 6

Me - I am a Daughter, Mum, Sister, Sales Director (yawn), 30, Runner, Dare Devil, Outdoor Lover (I love the outdoors) and borderline Crazy.
Giz and I at Tough Mudder

Giz (aka Gareth) is an awesome partner, lots of fun and a fantastic dad. He is very passionate about football, our family, the gym and enjoying life. Giz is a film, music and tech geek! 
He never shy's away from a challenge and is without a doubt my very best friend. 

Us 6 - Courtney

Courtney is 10 and a complete diva. She loves everything to do with fashion, clothes, accessories, make up and of course shopping. Plus her designing rocks! 
Courtney loves to plan, whether its a party, a holiday, a room change - she is the planning Guru. Recently, she has also become an awesome sous chef and guest blogger!

Us 6 - Reegan
Reegan, he is 9 and has a very keen interest in football, he plays for Dereham's under 10s and supports an array of teams. He loves his bike, swimming, mindcraft and being active. He is a massive Nerf Gun Fan and a Lego Grand Master! 
His greatest skill has to be hiding only to jump out to frighten his sisters.

Us 6 - Kaylee

Kaylee is 5 and loves to be in the kitchen lending a hand. She is strong willed, beautiful and is always smiling! She likes to be in the middle of whatever is happening. Whether we are cooking, play-fighting, dancing or even doing the housework - Kaylee loves it all! She is also a brilliant chatter box and a budding artist.

Us 6 - Dylan

Dylan is described by his nursery as a 'proper boy'. He loves all things loud, messy and fast. He has a major love of dinosaurs, lego ninjago, cars and books. He knows how to capture the attention of a crowd, laughs an awful lot and has some groovy dance moves.

As a family we love to be outdoors, playing sports, swimming, holidays, the beach. 
We thoroughly enjoy all things food

We love to cook, create new dishes and think up ideas for our left overs! As a family we enjoy watching foodie shows, +MasterChef and +MasterChef Australia being our favourites!

Our favourite Celebrity Chefs are.....
 +Jamie Oliver , +Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and +Heston Blumenthal 

We really hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy putting in together. 


  1. Lovely to meet you and your family look forward to seeing what you come up with and the blog looks really great, you've put a lot of work into it. Good look within this year and I hope you get everything you want out of it.

    1. Thank you Giz!

      Hi David, It is great to meet you too! thank you for your comments - we really appreciate it.

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