Monday, 30 December 2013

Kaylee's Pickled leftovers

In the past, left over food almost always found it's way to the bin. Even if I saved it in the fridge I wouldn't get round to using it up in time!

As part of our family New Years resolution we are not going to waste any food and we are determine.

Following our roast, we had two raw carrots and a little bit of red cabbage left. Inspired by +Jamie Oliver Kaylee and I created the following.....

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Kiddie Friendly Cabbage....

For our Sunday roast today I followed +Jamie Oliver's Mothership Sunday Roast Pork recipe, which included a gorgeous red cabbage recipe.  I never would have thought that cabbage and jam would go together, but it did and we all loved it. 

I had to share this recipe with everyone, especially mums and dads who (like me) sometimes have a battle when it comes to getting little people to eat the good stuff.

The Mothership Roast Pork....

I woke up this morning and thought - why wait til the new Year to change?

I got out the laptop and checked to see what meat they had on offer. Pork joints were reduced and I decided to do a lovely roast pork.
It was a little ambitious, seeing as I have never cooked roast pork and we invited Giz's mum, dad and brother to join us, making 9 in total.

Armed with my ingredient list from the 'Saving with Jamie' recipe I headed off to our local Tesco. I decided to pop into Morrisons on the way so I could check their offers. 

I am glad I did - they had lots of beautiful joints half price. I picked up a 3Kg Pork leg for a tenner - Brilliant!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Time to change....

So here it is - our first post for our family eating blog...

Last Sunday I cooked for 16 (in my tiny oven it was a Crazy idea!). For the children (7 of them) we cooked a Spaghetti Bolognese. For the adults I did a big pot of Goulash and served it up with new potatoes, hot rolls and carrots. 

The Goulash turned out yummy!
The Goulash I cooked from scratch and spent ages perfecting the flavors, I used the BBC Good Food recipe and added extra everything, I amended the spices, herbs and peppers as I went along  - to make the dish suit us. I  enjoyed cooking it up and was I really thrilled when everyone had an empty plate.

Inspired by this experience and a new cook book I got for Christmas I intend to cook properly much more, waste less and teach the children as I learn too. This is going to be a lifestyle change for us - much more of the healthy goodness.