Saturday, 22 February 2014

Chilli Seafood Mix

This is Reegan's first ever post and I am very proud.

He likes a bit of spice and made this to go on top of +Gareth King's paella. 

Unfortunately, I deleted all his pics when I swapped my phone over (sorry bud!) I am sure you will agree this is a great recipe  and makes a great post without pictures. 

Reegan made his dish by adding spices, herbs and tabasco sauce as he went along. There is no hard and fast rules or measurements - it is made to taste!

Reegan's Chilli Seafood mix recipe

Large frying pan and a spoon

Olive oil
1 Orange
Chilli powder (mild)
Tabasco  hot sauce
King prawns
Squid rings


1.squirt the oil into the frying pan along with the some garlic,chilli powder,paprika and a few dots of tabasco hot sauce then turn the hob on to a high heat.
2.add the seafood into the pan and cut open the orange and squeeze over the food.
3.sprinkle some more paprika and a drizzle of chili powder all over the seafood.
4. now stir well adding in a few drops of tabasco hot sauce.
5.add in a bit more garlic , orange juice and chilli powder and if you want paprika as well.
6. stir and leave to cook for three - four minutes.


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