Friday, 3 January 2014

Family food budget?

After a trip to Tescos and an additional £32 spent I am wondering what budget we should be aiming for?

The reality is I have no idea what we should spend, with all the recent food price increases I don't know what is reasonable - how much would you say to feed a family of 6 healthily for 1 week?

I know a budget would normally be 'what you can afford' however, I want a challenge to see how well we can do. I am finding it fun thinking of simple, cheap and healthy meals. 

A great example is yesterdays budget lunch, pasta in a tomato sauce. It was Giz's creation! He boiled up the pasta and added tinned tomatoes, garlic, herbs and a little salt and pepper. (He has good taste buds!) We had a slither of cheese in the fridge and he grated this in, stirred it up and served. It was delicious and a big hit with the all the children. I didn't work it out but I'm sure if I had it would have been pence per portion. 

This week so far I have spent just over £50. I have worked out our meals and we wont need to buy any more food until Saturday. So, £50 for the whole week - I would say that was a success, it works out at £7.14 per day to feed 6, which is just over £1 per person per day.

To be honest, we do already have quite a bit in the cupboards -  there is plenty of cereal for breaky and we still have gammon from Christmas (we are having it for tea tonight). I wonder if we can keep it up, £50.00 per week or £200 per month to feed us 6 healthily. Lets see.....

Please comment and let me your thoughts or perhaps what your budget is.


  1. Managing a household budget is never easy, but it appears after reading this post that you're working it out nicely. Some of the best meals created are those that are hastily prepared using limited ingredients. 1 serving of chicken breast, diced, can become chop suey, stir fry or turned into a one pot meal. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with any food item in the house. Interesting post.

  2. Hi Michelle, Thanks for your great comment! Restricting our budget is going to force us to be even more creative - a challenge all 6 of us are enjoying.