Thursday, 2 January 2014

Courtney's potato salad!

How I made it:  by Courtney (age 10)

Ingredients + salt and pepper
leftover boiled potato's (cold)
mayonnaise - just enough to coat it
1 onion 
1 red onion - optional
parsley leaves
a pinch of salt
sprinkle of pepper

    Onions and potatoes chopped
  • First I chopped the potatoes into eighths and put them into the dish/bowl
  • Then I cut the onions and added them into the dish/bowl
  • After that I added a few big dollops of mayonnaise
  • With the parsley leaves - I pulled them off the stems and ripped them into little pieces and left to the side
  • I mixed it all together, the potato's, onion's and mayonnaise - sometimes it doesn't look like enough but you need to give it a really good mix
  • For the finishing touch I sprinkled the parsley leaves, pepper and salt over the top!
It tasted great and it was really fun making it as I love cooking just like my mum.
Courtney (10) and potato salad

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  1. Fantastic potato salad, great writing Courtney. Very proud.