Saturday, 11 January 2014

Kaylee and Courtney's croutons!

Hi again, I'm back with mine and Kaylee's homemade croutons!

Croutons - By Kaylee (5) and Courtney (10)

Ends of a loaf of bread
Any herbs that you like (we used garlic)

  • Cut or rip up the bread ends and lay them on a baking tray
  • Sprinkle over any herbs that you like!
Its pretty easy and simple but they taste beautiful especially with soup or even homemade soup! We normally throw away the ends of the bread so now every 2 ends out of every loaf of bread is saved!
homemade croutons by Courtney (10) and
Kaylee (5)


  1. So simple and easy!

  2. We've always wanted to make our own croutons, but we never can get them right! This looks and sounds easy and delish though

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone! One handy tip is to use the 'leftover' heat of the oven.
    Just as you switched your oven off after baking or cooking - pop in your prepared bread. The heat left will be enough to make it into lovely and crispy croutons.
    Once cooked and cooled store them in an air tight container and they will be ready to jazz up soup or salad!