Friday, 10 January 2014

Eating Healthy? Saving Money? Wasting Less?

Our weeks review

OK, we are on week 2 and I should really give you an update as to our family resolution of eating healthy, wasting less and saving money on food.  

To be honest I haven't been keeping track,  not as closely as I would like.... an update is a little hazy. It is true to say I need to focus on this task much more, being back at work I have dropped the ball on cooking.

Last week, we have spent probably around £70 in total for food. That includes pack up and all the little 'nip' to the shop trips we make. 
To be fair, it has lasted over a week, I need to do a shop but it's not essential til tomorrow (could push til Thursday). 

The £70.00 has actually lasted 10 days. An OK result considering we were aiming for £50 for 7 days, not too far off the mark at all. 

Have we eaten healthier - I would say yes, yes and definitely yes. We have concentrated on ensuring we have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Bananas, apples, kiwi, strawberries, satsumas, oranges - these have all been  used for breakfast, snacks and deserts.
We are also very aware of the food we waste and the guys have been coming up with great ways to use leftovers.

The children are inspired BIG time. 
Kaylee showed me all the various cup cakes we NEED to make for desert on Sunday, Courtney and +Gareth King made meringues yesterday (not as easy as it looks) and Reegan is itching to write a post about his Gourmet burger. 

Reegan (aged 9) is The Burger Expert - he loves all Burgers, which he says 'must always be with a bun.' We promised him a gourmet burger if he worked hard at school and the little devil excelled himself! His teacher couldn't fault him at parents evening. 
So, Reegan and I took a trip to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Norwich  last weekend, it was very delicious and he will post to give you his views very soon. 

Actually - thinking about it - the meal for us two came to £21 (not bad) - making the food bill over £90.00 - so maybe not such a success on the save money front!

As for Dylan - he is a little small (only 3) to be blogging but it is fair to say - he loves his food. 

Could we improve - yes of course. It is still early days on our mission and there has been a couple of nights where we have 'cheated' when I say cheated, I mean raided the freezer. If I'm honest being back working full time and thinking of healthy easy meals is proving a challenge. 
One evening it was fish fingers, chips and bean - a complete cheat and not the healthiest (all Tesco Everyday value)

Having said that, we are now have a 'healthy' collection of cheats the freezer. Turkey curry, cooked pork and cooked turkey - all ready to be defrosted and cooked up for the cheat days. (although you do need to think ahead and get them out and leave them in te fridge to defrost 24 hours prior to cooking)  

So, overall - I would say a mediocre week, not fantastic but not a complete disaster. And I did make an awesome chilli con carne (if I do say so myself) - Ill post the recipe in the next day or too! - It is yummy, healthy and goes with so much - rice, jacket potato, wraps, salad........ Very handy to freeze too. 

So overall, Saved money - nope, healthier - yes and definitely less waste.
An inspiring start to the year. 

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