Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pancake update!

I know, I know, I know - I promised pancake pictures and to let you know how the they went! But this week has been crazy... proper crazy. Getting back to school and work and routine has been 100% stressful. Juggling four children - that's four uniforms, 4 pairs of school shoes, 4 coats, 4 school bags packed, 4 snacks, 4 water bottles and 3 lunch boxes (Dylan only goes mornings) and all before 8:20! 
You can guarantee at the last minute someone has lost a shoe,  or someone else has suddenly remembered they have not done their homework and then -  oh no - I need PE Kit!
I hope your reading this fast - I'm typing fast - it's like a mini rant through my fingers - to be honest I hate school mornings. I'm not the best at organisation and even when I'm organised it doesn't go to plan.

Back to Pancakes.....

Cooking Pancakes
40 seconds each side

as you can see, they were definitely not very pretty and in all honestly they weren't the best tasting. I forgot the salt - very bland. 
However, the guys really enjoyed them. It was Banana and maple syrup all round. Apart from Reegan, who smothered his in chocolate spread and rolled it up. The toppings gave enough flavour to keep them all happy. 

The guys enjoyed them and they were all up and ready in time to help cook! 
Courtney and Reegan both chipped in. They have made pancakes numerous times with +Gareth King (aka Giz), so they were giving me pointers and instructions. Reegan was timing me too. He worked out it was about 40 seconds each side for the perfect pancake!

By the end of it we had a plate stacked up with pancakes and they were doing all the cooking and I just got to supervise (well, more like watch) 
AND there were enough pancakes left to store in the fridge and eat up the next morning.

On the whole I think this was a successful, low cost, get-you-out-of-bed breakfast. Which was reasonably healthy (Although, I'm not sure if Reegan's chocolate spread pancake quite fits in the healthy bracket)

Our first pancake post got some great comments. Big Thanks to +Josh Mann (A local fitness Guru) for his. I never knew oil turned into trans fat when heated. He suggested we replace the oil with butter for a healthier option - so we will be trying that next time. 

I have just joined Pinterest - and my first board and only board so far is Pancakes - YUMMY!!!

I will have to keep trying til I get them perfect and I'm sure we will have fun along the way.

P.S - Keep those comments going, its great to get tips!


  1. Hi Chrissi, I like the fun way you go about making healthy meals on a budget for your family. My family likes banana pancakes. It's a good way to also use up those overripe bananas instead of tossing them away, and the flavour is real nice too.

  2. Hi Michelle, Thanks for commenting and that is a great idea! Come to think of it we have some bananas which need eating up. :)