Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Valentines cupcakes - By Courtney :)

There was a valentines day cake sale on Friday 14th February at my school. I decided to take part and make some yummy cupcakes.
I used a plain vanilla sponge for the cupcakes, vanilla buttercream and then made some white fondant flowers using a tool I got from my favorite magazine - Something Sweet Collection!

Cupcake Recipe

This is a straight forward sponge cake recipe from a beginners cookbook my mum was given when she left home (a very long time ago!)
Cake consists of, 3 eggs, 6oz butter, 6oz self-raising Flour and 6oz of sugar. We know this recipe off by heart and it works a treat every time.  We blend the Sugar and the butter together into a gorgeous creamy mixture and then add the flour and eggs bit by bit until it is all in! Once we have a gooey mixture with no lumps we load up the cake cases and pop them in the oven.

We are got our buttercream recipe from the Good Food website (we didn't add the optional extras). .

They looked delicious and tasted great!

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