Sunday, 2 February 2014

WHOOP! What a week...

We are definitely back on the right on track. 

What an awesome week we have had.....
First off I have lost 4lbs this week, this I am very please with. I have really watched what I have eaten and kept it healthy. I returned to the gym and rekindled my love of running. (I even managed a 5 miler yesterday.) 

All in all I'm extremely pleased. 

Last Monday, I wrote a rather short and rushed post. (Excuses, excuses)
Afterwards I realised that I wasn't actually sure if I was achieving my goal or not, which made me feel crap. I wasn't making enough time to reflect, blog and keep track- this also made me feel crap. Plus I had put on weight  - A TRIPLE dose of crap.

After writing, posting and sulking. 
I pulled my finger out, went for a run and made a conscious decision to stick with it - after all this is a family New Years Resolution and an important one at that! 

To eat healthy and waste less

Tuesday I got a huge dose of inspiration.......  

Norfolk Veg Box

I won this awesome Veg box in a Twitter contest and oh my word I was sooooo thrilled!

To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything near the size, it was a massive gift. All the veg was 100% fresh - the freshest you can get as it was all locally sourced.

Fresh Veg - You can't beat it!
I was amazed at how big everything was too, the leeks were huge, the carrots were massive and the parsnips twice the size of those I normally get. It was all larger than your average supermarket produce. (And tastier too!)

The box contained cabbage, red cabbage, leek, potatoes, onions, red onion, swede, brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, free range eggs and apple juice.
 And all the veg was lovely and muddy - just out the ground - as fresh as it gets.

Amazing Apple Juice
Tuesday's tea time was washed down with the pure apple juice, which was made at Ashill Fruit Farm. I didn't even know there was a fruit farm so close. Ashill is about ten minutes from us and this is definitely the best apple juice I have ever tasted, a real treat with no sour after bite. The apple juice was a massive hit with the whole family. 

We spent most of Tuesday evening thinking about and chatting about all the dishes we could make. It was amazing to see the children so excited about veg.

With our our Norfolk Veg Box we made.....

  • Chicken and Paprika Stew
  • Cauliflower and broccoli cheese (Jamie Oliver style)
  • A HUGE Shepherds pie
  • Kiddie Friendly Cabbage
  • Brussel sprouts & cabbage with bacon and
  • Leak & potato soup (almost - my blender broke) 
I even managed to sneak parsnip and swede into some of the dishes without the guys noticing - They ate it all! (Result!)

I have been in touch with Norfolk Veg Box and the box I had was worth £14. It has lasted us - a family of 6 for over a week. It is a complete bargain if you ask me. Especially, as the price includes delivery (providing your location is on or near to a location in the list). 
YEP I am on the list for fresh beautiful and tasty veg from now on.

I absolutely MUST share all this weeks dishes and recipes with you.Yummy, healthy and none of them cost much to make either.

I'm inspired and I absolutely love cooking.
I have no idea why I didn't start cooking sooner. I'm amazed about how exciting I am finding new recipes and how relaxing cook can be. 

For more details on Norfolk Veg Box Click here or contact Richard on 07712443463 or 

And check out Norfolk Veg Box on Facebook - like the page and keep up to date with their seasonal produce and competitions. 


  1. Congrats on eating clean and staying healthy!!

  2. Looks fantastic, we got our first veg box this week too, a small box lasted the 5 of us all week! We're about 20mins from Ashill, which is great and I have in the past made many puddings and jams thanks to their fruit! I look forward to your summer posts and recipes!

  3. Hello M+K - Thanks for your comment, I ave a daughter who is fashion crazy - so we will click over a take a peak at your blog!

    Hello MamaDandelions (great name!) - great to connect with someone so local! The vegetable boxes are brilliant aren't they, I will be ordering in future without a doubt. And I have inspired my mum to order too - you can't beat the freshness. Puddings and James are not my strong point so I will be definitely be following your blog for tips and advice! Keep in touch :)